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NORLYS partners with ORC

26 February 2013


The Norwegian Sailing Federation (NSF) has agreed on request from NORLYS - the Norwegian big boat class organization, to use the ORC VPP in the formulation of ratings for the NORLYS handicap system. Using measurement data from 1400 boats in the NORLYS database, along with that in the ORC’s database of 61.000 measurement records, NORLYS certificates will now be generated using the ORC VPP to have a single-number time-on-time handicap on their national certificates. This handicap will resemble the ORC’s general purpose Offshore Single Number handicap, a weighted average of five wind angles sailed over three wind speeds.

“This is a great step forward in the accuracy of the Norwegian NORLYS system,” said Sverre Ellingsen , Chairman of NORLYS. “The ORC VPP is annually updated by the aero and hydro-dynamic experts in the ITC (International Technical Committee), and is tested for its fleet of some 1800 different boat designs, so there is no better VPP available for handicapping in the world today.”

The decision to use the ORC system is in part because of the compatibility in measurement data used by NORLYS to the ORC’s International Measurement System (IMS). Measurements needed for most NORLYS boat types will therefore not change, as they are nearly complete for processing by the ORC VPP. However, when more data may be required then the NORLYS will make the necessary arrangements with owners to complete this process.

“We are very happy to assist the large fleet in Norway with the tools we have at ORC,” said Bruno Finzi, Chairman of ORC. “This should also help with those boats who decide to compete at the ORCi level to upgrade their certificates for racing at the National championship and international levels.”

Pievienoja: Juris Ailis 2013.02.28 09:19

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